Amir Khan to launch boxing league in Pakistan


In an attempt to promote boxing in Pakistan and provide exposure to local talent, the British-Pakistan Boxer Amir Khan has announced to launch a boxing league in the country.

Amir revealed that “Super Boxing League – Pakistan” will be held in December with franchised-based teams participating in the league.

“There will be eight teams and each team will comprise eight boxers,” Amir said. 

The participating teams include Multan Thunders, Faisalabad Falcons, Islamabad Kings, Peshawar Warriors, Lahore Giants, Quetta Stars, Sialkot United and Karachi Devils. Amir also shared the official logos. 

Amir, who held a similar event in India, is hopeful that the event will prove to be beneficial for country’s boxers.

“The league in India was big, big hit, we had so many celebrities [who participated in the event] there,” he said.

“In Pakistan, each team will have a celebrity face from any field singing, acting or [others]. This has never been done before. We tried this in India and it was very successful, this is my own company and I have brought this to Pakistan,” he added.

Amir also said that he will not bring international boxers in the first edition as he is aiming to promote Pakistan’s local talent.

“I don’t want it to be an international event, it is going to be mainly for Pakistani boxers as we want to promote local talent,” he said.

“I am really looking forward to showing the world the talent we have in Pakistan. This is going to be great for [the future of] boxing in Pakistan. This is a chance for young people to win WBC belt,” Amir added.

According to Amir, the first edition eight-team league will be held in December, but he has yet to finalise the host city.

“The first event may be held in Islamabad at my academy or may be in Lahore or Karachi that we need to confirm,” he said when asked about the venue.

Amir said that the title of this championship will be owned by World Boxing Council and the league will provide Pakistani boxers to win a WBC belt.

“I want to do this for Pakistan. Only Pakistani boxers are going to be involved in this Championship. So we are going to localise it to see the local talent,” he said.

Aamir added that it will be a pro-am tournament, where boxers will fight in three rounds of three minutes each.

“It’s going to be an exciting tournament,” said Aamir, while confirming that main sponsor for the tournament has also been finalised.

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