FBR initiates Markets & Trade Areas registration process


Markets and Trade Areas Registration starts next week.
Shabbar Zaidi, chairman FBR made an announcement about the initiative for markets and trade areas registration.

Shabbar Zaidi said in his Twitter message that the registration process will start next week in a bid to move forward for the implementation of the government’s agreement with traders.

He detailed the registration process, saying the committees representing traders of each area and market will be covering the whole country will be notified. Zaidi termed it as ‘a new beginning’ when traders and the revenue institutions will jointly work for the registration.

Earlier on Wednesday, Shabbar Zaidi had announced that FBR has released refunds worth Rs5.5 billion under the fully automated faster system.

The FBR chairman in a tweet said the most important change in paradigm is that such refunds have been issued under fully automated, impersonal, harassment and corruption-free system.