I’ll leave politics if disqualified, let alone party chairmanship: Imran


In an interview with a private media channel, Imran Khan angrily remarked that if he gets disqualified he will abandon politics forever.

Speaking on issues regarding electricity and gas, he said that fossil fuels are being charged with tax time and time again due to the oppressive policies of Nawaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar which has plunged the country in serious debt.

With regard to foreign affairs, he stated that Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif is way too incompetant to hold the office of foreign ministry, recalling that he went to the United States and tells them to ‘do more’.

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When asked about the issue of bail proof warrant, Khan said that they(N League) want to get me disqualified either through the Supreme Court or The Election Commission and are issuing a warrant because of my contempt of court.

He said that even anti terrorism courts are after him and if he gets disqualified, he will abandon politics altogether let alone be a party chairman.

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He also said that during his sit in, his phone calls were aired by the IB and IB was misused by those in power for their personal ends.

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