Import our mandarin oranges: Chinese prime minister


Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang has requested that President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo increase the import quota of mandarin oranges from China, saying that such oranges are good quality.

In a joint press statement at the Bogor Palace on Monday, Li said that during a bilateral meeting between the two leaders, he had conveyed China’s concerns about a limitation on mandarin orange imports imposed by Indonesian authorities.

“I hope Indonesia can increase the importation of our mandarin oranges,” Li said in his statement.

“We guarantee that the standard quality of the oranges is in accordance to Indonesia’s quality standards.”

A ministerial regulation on the importation of horticulture products issued by the Trade Ministry in 2017 has limited the importation of dozens of products, including mandarin oranges, potatoes, garlic, carrots and grapes.

The regulation stipulates that only importers with an importer identification number (API) and state-owned companies under the State-Owned Enterprises Ministry are allowed to import the listed products.

Based on reports, the ministry did not issue any permits for the importation of mandarin oranges from China between January and March this year, resulting in scarcity of the commodity in various regions outside Java during Chinese New Year in February.

During the Chinese prime minister’s visit to the Bogor Palace, which included tête-à-tête between the two leaders and a banquet lunch, Jokowi and Li discussed ways to improve trade partnerships between the two countries.

Jokowi also requested that Li increase commodity imports from Indonesia, including swift’s nests, coffee and cocoa, as well as tropical fruits such as mangosteen and dragon fruit.


Source & © Copyright: SUCH TV