Journalists pressurised to conform to official narrative on Pakistan: Indian Journalist

Indian journalist Ravish Kumar
A renowned Indian journalist has also exposed the real face of the media by telling the truth that the journalists in India are being pressurised to conform to the official narrative on Pakistan, the Radio Pakistan reported.

Ravish Kumar told German TV channel that those who don’t comply have faced public ridicule on social media.

He said the Indian media are not reporting on the Pakistan-India conflict as much as they are using the conflict as an excuse to build up the ruling party’s electoral prospects in the upcoming general elections.

He said that the intention of this warmongering is to polarize people and consolidate votes.

Ravish Kumar is an Indian TV anchor, writer, journalist and media personality who covers topics pertaining to Indian politics and society.

British media has also exposed the Indian media by revealing that more than 64% of Indian citizens receive false reports based on unsupported evidence by the media.

Indian media has faced worldwide criticism for adopting false reporting, creating war hysteria and for being biased.

International media, especially American papers have also deplored the war hysteria created by Indian media.