Source code of iPhone leaked, confirms Apple


Apple confirmed that some of the source code of its iPhone operation system (OS) was leaked and shared on third-party website Github.

The smartphone giant has kept all the source codes private, however, the source code of older iOS 9 was posted on the code-sharing forum – according to BCC report.

Apple directed Github to remove the code since all codes are kept private to ensure consumer’s privacy. While clarifying, the company said that the iPhone security doesn’t rely on source code secrecy.

The company wants its consumers to stay up to date with their iOS. The iOS 11 is the latest operating system for newer iPhone models.

Since most of the iPhone users are now using iOS 10 or above, the source code breach of iOS 9 will not do any harm to the majority of the people.

However, talking to BBC, Cyber-security expert Prof Alan Woodward said that security researchers and hackers will study the code to see whether there are any flaws in it that could lead to unauthorised access to the smartphones.

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