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Friday, December 13, 2019
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Gene test shows more breast cancer patients can skip chemo

As many as 70 percent of women with the most common form of breast cancer may be able to skip chemotherapy, based on their...

Diabetic patients should consult doctors before fasting

Medical experts on Friday strongly advised diabetic patients to take their medical condition into consideration, well in advance, before fasting. “Many patients often opt...

Diabetic Patients in Ramazan

The dietary patterns are completely different during Ramadan, which is why diabetics and pre-diabetics need to be extra careful in planning a balanced diet. ...

Best Remedy To Keep Calm In Hectic Lifestyle

For the first time a research report of scientists at Stanford University may have uncovered that why taking deep breaths can be so calming. ...

Keep eating veggies and fruits for better health

Your parents’ advice to eat your vegetables has solid science behind it. Filling half your plate with non-starchy selections, as well as some fruit,...
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